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Lifes Little Tests Can Be Fun

This weekend I went into Great Clips for a haircut. There I was greeted by a young lady and told to have a seat at a specified chair. What occurred then was …. interesting….

I was surprised to see another young woman that worked there approach my chair and sit nearby. As I quickly realized, my stylist was a trainee and the other one was there to correct and observe. Neither one of them mentioned this to me and continued as if I was merely a mannequin. The trainee asked questions (only a few to be fair) and the trainer responded, sometimes taking scissors and checking her work and fixing a few things. As this was happening I was filled with 2 prevailing thoughts. There was a part of me that was very concerned about this extremely unprofessional behavior, them not having decency to ask for my permission, feeling used, etc. The other took a more spiritual perspective which kept me sane and smiling. The voice inside suggested that I was chosen for this role in order to help the young woman who was obviously nervous get some experience and learn her lessons. And I was chosen because I was strong enough to handle it. And as it turned out she did a good job. I thanked them both and walked out amused and pleased for being able to serve in this odd capacity.

Inspirational and Motivational speaker Allen Vaysberg is an internationally recognized thought leader, author, speaker and peak performance life strategist.  The creator of Recalibrate your Life and the School of Human Potential, Allen is an expert at taking  complex esoteric concepts concerning the spirit, mind and body and directing his clientele to use these highly effective tools to immediately apply them to real life situations promoting  outstanding business and powerful personal productivity.

Allen Vaysberg

Allen Vaysberg is the founder of School of Human Potential and a successful entrepreneur who within the IT consulting industry built several multi-million dollar businesses. Although he was living the "American Dream", deep inside he knew something needed to change because even with all his successes, he still felt unfulfilled. Thus he began his transition away from IT. He discovered that in order to live a fulfilled life he needed to pursue his soul’s purpose. By taking charge of his destiny and following his dreams Allen finally found peace and felt complete. Today he inspires individuals to live their essence and assists them in re-calibrating their lives. He does so through many different mediums including his coaching practice “Recalibrate Your Life”. Allen is a Motivational Speaker, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Life Purpose Coach and Best Selling Author. His weekly radio program "School of Human Potential” brings guests ranging from Lisa Williams to Yakov Smirnoff and everyone in between. For more information about Allen's work please visit or