Be A Guest

Blythe Lipman welcomes experts, authors, personalities to be guests on her radio show Baby and Toddler Instructions. If you want to submit yourself or you know someone interesting who should be a guest contact Blythe through our SSL secured online form

Please send a short pitch, a press release if you are an author, and a link to your website.

Some of Blythe Lipman’s recent guests include:

Erin Barnes,  owner, Little Moo Photography

Dr. Linda Hawes-Clever, Author
The Fatigue Prescription

Dr. Robert Koegedal, Licensed Acupuncturist
Owner AcuHealth, An Oasis of Wellness

Dr. Nina Shapiro, Pediatric ENT and author
Take a Deep Breath

Allen Klein, the world’s only “Jollytologist” and award-winning author