My Best Parenting Advice: 20 Things Your Nanny Would Like You To Know by Blythe Lipman


As we all know, babies come without instructions! So being a first time parent can be a little scary. If you are a working parent, leaving your precious little bundle with a nanny can downright frightening.  The biggest question in most new parent’s minds is whether a nanny will give their baby the same love and attention they do.

So, let’s look at this from the Nanny’s point of view. She is wondering what it will be like to work for your family. Will you like her? Will you be willing to learn from her many years of experience? Will you be kind and courteous? And most of all will it be comfortable to work for your family and will it give her joy to care for your baby?

Here are 20 things your nanny would like to share with you:

  1. Please talk with me about your concerns before the first day so we can be on the same page. Make sure I understand your expectations, rules and responsibilities. Do you expect me to do the baby’s wash, clean and make the bottles, change the crib sheets or anything else?
  2. I will be presenting you with a written agreement with my job description, duties, sick day and make-up day expectations as well as a payment schedule spelled out in black and white. Having everything in writing will make it easier and prevent any uncertainties for both of us.
  3. Please let me know if I will need to sign any papers. (W-9, etc.)
  4.  Ask me if there are things I am not willing to do while in your home.
  5. Tell me if there are things you don’t want me to do or touch in your hom
  6. Will I need to bring my own food, drinks and snacks?
  7. Please let me know in advance if you need to change my hours. (for example; if baby has a doctor’s appointment, you are taking a day off or any other change when you won’t need me).
  8. Do you have a back-up person to care for the baby should something unexpected come
  9. I would like to discuss the rules when someone gets sick. If I am sick do you want me to come to work and wear a mask? If the baby or someone in the family gets sick do you expect me to come to wor
  10. Please write down any chores that will be part of my responsibilities. And show me how to work the washer, dryer, baby monitor. Don’t assume I know how they work.
  11. Please show me where you post the emergency numbers, where the telephones are located and how to work the alarm system if you want it set. Will you be giving me a house key?
  12. If I am not living-in, please let me know what kind of night the baby had and when she last ate and slept when I come in each morning. And let me know if you would like me to record any of the baby’s daily activities.
  13. Do you mind if I turn on the television, Ipod, etc. or do my own work while the baby is sleeping?
  14. Can I turn on the television while the baby is awake as long as it’s on an age appropriate program or music station?
  15. I would like to play lullaby music each time the baby goes to sleep. This will help her associate sleep and music should she wake up in the middle of the night or before naptime is over. Do you have a CD player that repeats or an Ipod? A crib mobile does not work for this type of association.
  16.  Would you like me to send you pictures of the baby and her activities during the day on the computer, Ipad or phone while you are at work?
  17. Can I take the baby in the car, to the park, to the mall or for a walk as long as it’s for a learning activity?
  18. Please show me where you keep the extra diapers and wipes?
  19. Will you be laying out the baby’s clothes each day or do you want me to pick them out?
  20. If you are not happy with the way I do something, please tell me immediately. Keeping the lines of communication open is so important for all of us.

Being a nanny is filled with many responsibilities.  We are the substitute parent while you are at work. Please know that your baby becomes our baby during that time. And be assured that we will do our best to care for your baby just like you do. We will have fun, love and play while helping her reach her milestones as she blossoms and grows. Babies are the best and we love being Nannies!

My Best Parenting Advice: 20 Things Your Nanny Would Like You To Know by Blythe Lipman