My Best Parenting Advice: “Ahh Choo”- My First Cold” by Jake


 It’s me Jake, the new baby. I would have written sooner, but I have a cold and it’s not fun. It’s my  first cold and I’m only two months old. I can’t eat and breathe at the same time so I start crying.  I wish I knew how to do that thing that grown-ups do when they get sick. I think it’s called nose blowing, but not sure how to do it.
 Yesterday when Mommy was feeding me she got so upset when I cried, she started crying too. I felt so sad.  But Daddy gave her a hug and she stopped crying.
Then Mommy took this rubber thing that I remember from the hospital and put it up my nose. It made a really funny noise when she squeezed it. She called it the Snotolizer. Is that really a word? I didn’t like it, but I have to admit, I could breathe better when she used this thing. I hope she doesn’t do that again.
I wish I understand this runny nose thing. Why does this stuff keep coming out of my nose, onto my lips and when will it stop?My nose and lips are red and chapped and they really hurt. This part of being a baby just isn’t fun.
Mom got out a book called Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions written by a lady named Blythe Lipman. She must be really smart because mommy did some new things to make me feel better. Here’s what she did:
  • She rubbed something called avocado oil on my nose and lips to make them feel better. It really helped and tasted good too!
  • She made my crib fun by elevating the mattress so I don’t cough.
  • She put something in my nursery called a cold mist humidifier to make my throat feel better.
  • She played lullaby music in my nursery when it was time to go to sleep because I was a little cranky. I love music and could fall asleep easier.
  • And when I just had too much of this cold business, Mommy brought the swing into her room and let me sleep in it for a little while until I calmed down enough to go in my own crib.
This Blythe Lipman sure knows her stuff because everything mommy did really helped. I bet there are lots more tips in her book to help when you have a cold.
I am so happy I feel better now because mommy feels better too. She’s not sleeping on my nursery floor anymore and I am doing my best to show her lots of smiles. I love my mommy!
My Best Parenting Advice: “Ahh Choo” by Blythe Lipman

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