My Best Parenting Advice: An Apple A Day by Jackie Silver Aging Backwards


Everyone knows that including a variety of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet is good for your health, but you might not know that the apple has been used for ages for a variety of beauty treatments, now including stem cell technology. Enjoy an apple a day for beauty!

As we age, our cell turnover slows down, making our skin look and feel older than we’d like. Enter the rare Swiss apple tree called Uttwiler Spatlauber. The fruit from this tree has especially long-living tissue stem cells, which scientists used to create an ingredient for skin creams to combat wrinkles.

Companies rushed to include this stem cell ingredient in their products and now a Google search of the term “apple stem cell moisturizer” produces 223,000 results.

Australian Women’s Health offers this beauty tip it calls a blemish blaster: “Pour boiling water over a slice of apple and wait a few minutes until it becomes soft. Remove from water, wait until it’s just warm, then place on the pimple. Leave for 20 minutes,then peel off and sweep the area lightly with a moistened cotton wool pad.”

Registered Dietician Robyn Flipse shares this tip: “One of the most beautiful assets every woman possesses is her smile, and one way to keep that smile radiant is by eating apples. Chewing crunchy apples helps scrub away stains and brighten our teeth with every bite.”

HistoryChiQ Gerit Quealy adds, “For one thing, historically, apples were relied upon to freshen bad breath! Shakespeare wrote of ten not only about sweet breath, but about reeking breath. So apples were essential since sweet breath was as much a mark of beauty as what you looked like.”

Legend has it that apple cider vinegar added to bath water could soften your skin – I haven’t tried this, but according to Josh Peterson, Planet Green, on TLC Style you add one cup of the vinegar to your bath water.

Jackie Silver

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