My Best Parenting Advice: I Can’t Wait To See My New Home! by Blythe Lipman

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 Did you ever wonder what’s going through your baby’s mind as you learn to become parents? I know sometimes I wished my little precious could talk, especially those first few months. Well, you’re in for a treat as adorable newborn Jake just sent me this email he wants his parents to read, and said I could share it with you, too.

I’m lying in Mommy’s arms, feeling safe and warm. I heard her say today’s the day we’re going home from the hospital! I’m not really sure what that means. so It must be good because you can’t stop smiling, Mommy.  But I can’t understand why Daddy keeps pacing back and forth and asking you if he should take things to the car. “What’s a car, anyway?” Wish he would sit down. He’s making me nervous.

Look, here comes that pretty lady that changes my diaper… not again?  Phew, good thing my diaper is dry. What is this moving chair with wheels that we are sitting in? What’s happening? Mommy, why are you holding me so tight? Should I be scared? We’re moving so fast! Wow, it’s really noisy out here, almost as loud as the last place I lived. At least it’s not wet.

Brr.. All of the sudden it got really cold and Daddy just got out of a big, black box with wheels like your chair. And here he comes. But what’s wrong now? Mommy, why are you crying and shaking? Are you cold too? I don’t understand. Everything will be all right…we’re all together. Maybe we need a group hug?

Oh look, the diaper lady is giving you a hug and helping you out of the wheelie seat.  What is this big thing with all the belts that you’re putting me in? Why can’t you hold me, Mommy? I’m getting scared. I hear you asking daddy if he went to the fire department for a baby seat check. Maybe that’s what this is. It’s so comfortable! I’m feeling better by the minute. It has a really comfy pillow to keep my head from wobbling. Oh, I feel so cozy and safe now. Off we go!

But where are we going? Daddy looks at Mommy and asks, “Are they really going to let us take this baby home alone? Mommy laughs and says, “I love you and know we will be the best parents ever!”

She is such a nice mommy. But I’m not so sure about this daddy yet. All he does is pace and scratch his head. And he’s really scared to hold me for more than a few minutes. Hope I didn’t do something wrong?

Whoa, the box stopped and daddy is carrying me someplace without taking me out of the seat. I’m getting hot and my tummy is starting to growl, I think I might cry.

But wait, maybe not. Mommy is taking me out of the seat now and laying me down on a hard table she called a changing table. Wonder what we do on this thing?  Brr..No diaper. Oops!! I just peed on the wall! Ha Ha! Hope she isn’t angry, I couldn’t help it. It happens every time I don’t have a diaper on. I guess I’m funny because mommy is laughing and getting a dry diaper while Daddy is standing behind her taking pictures. Quick, put my diaper on, before I pee again!

What’s next on the agenda? Oh food…Yum! I love to eat! This time daddy is going to feed me from a bottle. Hope it’s the same delicious stuff mommy gave me.  Mouth open, I’m ready. Ouch, daddy, don’t hold me like this! Gently put me in the crook of your arm so I can see everybody while I eat. I won’t break, I promise. Ahh, mmm…you’ve got it. Yummy, that was good.

Is it time to burp already? Wee, look how high I am on daddy’s shoulder. Here it comes! I made Daddy laugh because I just let out a big one. So I guess I am funny!  He’s a good burper and I think he’s getting the hang of this baby thing!

Well, it’s been a busy first day at home and I’m getting sleepy. Hope I don’t snore. I promise I will keep you posted about mommy and daddy’s progress. They’ve already learned a lot about taking care of me, especially not to be afraid. I think I’m going to like it here. Nighty night.


Blythe Lipman, President and Founder of Baby Instructions based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a nationally recognized baby and toddler expert, a parenting consultant, an author of three award-winning books, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions,  More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructionsand Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions, a teacher, a caregiver, a keynote speaker, a blogger AND host of Baby and Toddler Instructions, a weekly Parenting Internet talk radio show which airs live every Wednesday at 11:00 am EST on itunes and toginet.   She is owner of the online parenting magazine My Best Parenting Advice and the site Baby Instructions.

My Best Parenting Advice: I Can’t Wait To See My New Home! by Blythe Lipman




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