My Best Parenting Advice: I Love To Pay It Forward by Josephine Geraci

Girls gossiping in the kitchenHi, I am Josephine Geraci and oh how I love to Pay It Forward. Thought I’d share three tips that helped make my family’s life easier and know it will help you too.
Parenting tip #1:
 ALWAYS be prepared with food in the house when you have kids! If there’s two words that drive me crazy as a busy mom is not being prepared when one of my kids says, “I’m hungry!”
 I learned when my kids were young to always have fresh fruit on hand…but here’s the real tip. I would cut up  fruit and strategically place the masterpiece on a small table that was easily accessible by the kids. I would then take a slice of the apple and pretend it was a piece of chocolate as I dramatically closed my eyes and expressed how good the apple tasted. My kids are funny, the second they see me eat something, they want it.
Parenting Tip #2
If you have toddlers, clear out a low cabinet draw in your kitchen and place your plastic sippy cups and plates in that draw so your kids can help themselves. This tiny little tip makes kids feel so empowered at such a young age. “I do it myself mommy!”
Parenting Tip #3
Do you really want your kids to eat vegetables? Two words, “RANCH DRESSING” My friends and waiters/waitresses are all amazed to this day that my kids love vegetables. This was a tip my friend Cathleen and her husband Nial shared with me when my kids were just toddlers. I can’t thank them enough and now…it’s time for me to pay it forward to you.
I host a radio show called “Paying It Forward” each Wednesday morning, 10amEST on I also invented a product called gLovies that I know you’ll love. Stay tuned for my next post.


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