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Single Dads and the Holidays

funny-fathers-day-dads-0 There are 70.1 million fathers across the nation? And 2.0 million are single fathers,  according to the Census Fatherhood Statistics,

 These mind-blowing statistics, and thinking about all the decisions single dads have to make with the holidays upon us,here are some tips I know can help.

 6 tips to make help make those holidays easier.

  1. Celebrating Away From Home?
     Make sure your children’s clothes are not only appropriate, but also fit.
  1. Children Under Age 5?
    If your little one has a special lovey, buy an extra just in case. Things can get lost. And there is nothing worse than a screaming, tired toddler that only wants her “Baa Baa!”
  1. Do You Share Custody?
    Ask about your child’s schedule if possible and try and keep it the same as best you can. Consistency is the name of the game.
  1. Hiring A Babysitter During The Holidays?
    Schedule a working interview. Invite her to come and care for the children while you are home and out-of-sight. Getting to know each other will make your life easier.
  1. Emergency Phone Numbers:
    Make sure to post your phone numbers, address and emergency numbers including poison control in clear view. And include any allergies your children may have. I always taped the information to my refrigerator.
  1. Discipline:
    With all the excitement of the holidays, your little one can misbehave; don’t be afraid to discipline your child, whether you use time-outs, taking away a toy, etc. But be consistent. Give in once and they’ve gotcha! And children, no matter what age, never forget.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy Creating Those Wonderful Memories!


Stay tuned for more great tips for “Single Dads” during the holidays.


Blythe Lipman, President and Founder of Baby Instructions based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a nationally recognized baby and toddler expert, a parenting consultant, an author of three award-winning books, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions, More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions, and Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions, a teacher, a caregiver, a keynote speaker, a blogger AND host of Baby and Toddler Instructions, a weekly Parenting Internet talk radio show which airs live every Wednesday at 11:00 am EST on itunes and toginet.   She is owner of the online parenting magazine My Best Parenting Advice and the site Baby Instructions.


My Best Parenting Advice: Single Dads and the Holidays  by Blythe Lipman