My Best Parenting Advice: Calling All New Parents…Blythe Lipman Has a Letter From Your Baby!


Cute baby with laptop on the white bed

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

It’s Me…your Baby! I know you’ve waited nine long months to meet me and now I’m here.  Unless you have Blythe Lipman’s book,  Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions,  you probably won’t know what to do with me. So here are a ten things to help you get really good at your job.I’ll check back in a few weeks to see how you’re doing.
  1. Don’t be afraid to pick me up. I won’t break even though I’m a little wobbly.
  2. Don’t be afraid you’ll spoil me by picking me up, I love to be held. It feels warm, cozy and safe.
  3. Sometimes I like to see the world from your should or lap. Please move me around because I can’t do it by myself yet.
  4. When I cry, please don’t start crying too. My tears are the only way I can tell you that I need something. And soon you’ll know what each cry means. Remember, we are both new at this.
  5. Please let me have a binky. Sucking makes me feel good and I promise I won’t take it to Kindergarten!
  6. Don’t get upset if I have a cranky day. You have them too. Swaddle me in a warm blanket and lay me on top of the clothes dryer after turning it on. The warmth and vibration will calm me down before you know it. I may even fall asleep. But please don’t take your hands off, it’s pretty high up here.
  7. And speaking of swaddling, you may think I don’t like it but I do. Reminds me of the time I was in your tummy. Try leaving my hands out. Maybe that’s why you’re confused.
  8. I know you want me to take a nap, but sometimes I’m just not sleepy. I love to go in my bouncy seat and look around. Don’t forget to turn on the vibrate button, Massages feel really good!
  9. The swing is a favorite place too. If I get up with the roosters, put me in my swing to lull me back to sleep. Just don’t leave me in there 24/7.
  10. When it’s bath-time, please start with my feet. I don’t like water on my face and head and will let you know it.
Thank you for being my Mommy and Daddy. I know we will figure this baby thing out together.
For more information, check out my chapter “Starting Preschool For The Very First Time” in Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions.
My Best Parenting Advice: Calling All New Parents…Blythe Lipman Has a Letter From Your Baby!