5 Tips On House Keeping with Baby

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If you’re a new mom, it’s normal to want your house to look like it did BB (Before Baby) But guess what? It just isn’t going to happen and it’s Okay. The most important thing at this minute is taking care of your baby and yourself. And yourself is the tough one. You’re sleep deprived, you haven’t showered all week and each time you try, the baby starts crying. So here are a four tips to help make your life easier.

Your House

  • When you baby sleeps, lie down and take a nap. I know, many of you have told me you can’t sleep during the day. Even if you don’t fall asleep, putting your head down for at least 20 minutes will help you better get through the day. The dishes and laundry are not going anywhere and you don’t have a deadline to get them done.     tired-mom-yawning-baby-sleeping
  • If your budget allows, treat yourself to a cleaning service for a few months. And remember, while no one cleans and organizes your house exactly like you, whatever they do can help.


  • Try to drink a glass of water each time you feed the baby. Staying well hydrated will not only give you energy, but will help your milk production if you are breastfeeding.
  • You need to eat three meals and two snacks a day, just like baby needs to eat every few hours. I know you want to lose that baby weight, but starving yourself is not the right way to do it. And I know it’s not always easy to find the energy to make yourself something healthy to eat. Planning ahead is the key. Ask your partner to stock the fridge with some yogurt, fruit and hard-boiled eggs as a few examples. You need the fuel to take care of the baby.Did you know, many cities have businesses that will deliver groceries and pre-made meals. Taking advantage of these services for a few months can really make your life easier. It’s worth investigating.

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My Best Parenting Advice: My House Is NOT Dirty…  I Just Have Everything On Display – Like a Museum by Blythe Lipman