Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions

Help my baby came without instructions by Blythe LipmanBringing home baby can be one of the scariest days in a new parent’s life.

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions is a truly helpful how-to for caring babies

Blythe Lipman’s guidance is the perfect resource for first-time parents who wish their new baby came with an instruction manual. Lipman has devoted her life to the gentle art of infant care and offers wise and witty practical advice in this parent-tested, expert-approved book. Filled with invaluable information new parents really need, Lipman includes plenty of true-life stories and guidance to help them through those first nerve-racking months.

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions will have nervous new moms and sleep-deprived dads feeling confident about their parenting skills. Hints on daily routines, sleep patterns, crying, the art and science of diapering, and traveling with a newborn are also provided.

This book provides new parents a first-line reference. It is well written, documented and full of practical, sound advice. I would recommend all parents in my practice have it at home and call me only if this book couldn’t answer their concerns. It is full of daily advice, such as bathing and burping techniques, as well as addressing the frustration that can come when the baby won’t eat or sleep. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all parents and child care-givers.– Alan B. Singer, M.D., pediatrician, Phoenix

Hundreds of tips and tricks for a happier baby an easier life at your fingertips!  TO READ AN EXCERPT – CLICK HERE!

Here is what this book can do for you:

  • Save your sanity
  • Let you get some sleep
  • Let your baby get some sleep!!!
  • Make your marriage more fun
  • Let you enjoy your baby without so many worries
  • Save lots of “what do I do” calls to your pediatrician
  • Make you happier, calmer, and a better mom and dad
  • Keep your baby happy and content
  • Keeping you baby/toddler safe

Praise for Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions.

What a wonderful, helpful, and specific book. How nice to suggestions and reassurance from an expert. I’d recommend this book to all new parents.  – Irma Ross, MS, CPC, NCC

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions is a great book for new and second-time parents. Its advice is very thorough, giving multiple suggestions on a myriad of infant topic.    –  Criaig Primack, MD

I have been delivering babies for over twenty years, and I can’t tell you how many baby-care books have passed across my desk. I can’t remember a single one that compares to Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions. – David M. Edinburgh, MD

Blythe Lipman’s book is a must-read for all new parents. This easy-to-read guide os a great gift for a baby shower. Its helpful tips and practical ideas will calm and reassure even the most nervous mom and dad. Sure wish it had been  around when I had “my” first baby.  – Sharon Edricks, MS, educator and mother of two