Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions

Help My Toddler came without Instructions by Blythe LipmanHelp My Toddler came without Instructions by Blythe LipmanRaising children is a serious business, especially in this era of two working parents with jam-packed schedules. Help! My Toddler Came without Instructions is a  helping hand that can make all the difference. Nationally known parenting expert Blythe Lipman is on a mission to help parents, offering hundreds of practical tips with a dash of humor. Go from stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted to melt-down free and mellow! The purpose of Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions is to provide parents with quick solutions to help with those hair-raising toddler issues. When some new “toddler troubles” arise, grab the book, find the solution and you’ll be back in control of your out-of-control child. Topics include sleeping (ways to transition from crib to bed, naps, creating a friendly sleep environment and nightly rituals and routines), potty training (age discussion, type of potty to use, fears, underwear, charts and issues), and fears (night terrors, stranger anxiety, the dark, monsters and separation anxiety).

Hundreds of tips and tricks for a happier toddler and an easier life at your fingertips! To read an  excerpt CLICK HERE!

Here is what this book can do you:

  • Toddlers Gone Wild
  • Secrets to Sleeping
  • The Art of Potty Training
  • Bye Bye Binky
  • Travel with Toddlers
  • The Perfect Birthday Party
  • Having Fun with Your Toddler
  • Keeping Your Relationship Alive
  • Creating Confident Parents One Page at a Time

Praise for Help! My Toddler Came without Instructions.

Help my Toddler Came Without Instructions will tell you just what to do. It’s the best sanity insurance you’ll ever buy! Dr. Gary A. Witt

My daughter is now 45 so I don’t need a book about toddlers especially since she doesn’t plan on having a child. But oh how I wish I had this book years ago. It would have eased my concerns and answered my questions about a lot of things I knew nothing about. I didn’t have this great resource then but you can now. If you, or someone you know, has a toddler, or will be having a baby soon, this is a must-have book.  Allan Klein

 I find “Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions” to be the ideal book to give to my niece who has a 19 month old baby girl. Not only is the book easy to read but the vast array of comments, tips, and practical suggestions for raising a toddler make this an awesome book. . And how about those special recipes for toddlers, “circus pudding” for example. It just goes on and on packed with practical fascination from cover to cover. Dale Ubil

Blythe Lipman puts it all into perspective. This book addresses many of the reasons why your toddler behaves the way he/she does. With an understanding of toddler behaviors, moms and dads can know how to handle the good, the bad, and, oh yeah, the ugly! Infused with humor and love, parents will find this book a useful resource for those “early wonder years”. Having been a single parent when my kids were this age, I wish I had had this resource to help guide me. Please don’t hestitate…get this book now! Amy Iverson




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