Barbara Allisen

BarbaraAllisen-2011-Sm1Barbara Allisen, also known as Mrs. A, is a kindergarten teacher, with years of experience in the classroom, and has witnessed the impact that parents have. She is a parent and author of 1 2 3 Kindergarten, Everything Your Child Needs to Learn Before Kindergarten.

Former host of the popular Learn and Play with Mrs. A radio show, her mission is to support parents and caregivers during children’s crucial early learning years. Mrs. A. says that “Gazillions of brain connections form in the early childhood years and parents can encourage even more.

To support your child to be a powerful learner you don’t need to turn your house into a preschool, but your home can be a place for all kinds of fun and play that will encourage learning and development. Mrs. A posts a play-of-the-day for you and your child on her website:  She asks: Can you come and play?

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