More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions

More Help my baby came without instructions

This baby instruction manual gives new parents easy-to-do lists of pediatrician approved, mom-tested tips to make that first year with baby a breeze!

More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions is a great resource for all parents, especially first-time parents.

Topics include 32 ways to stop your baby’s crying, 22 ways to get your baby to go to sleep and stay asleep, when and how to start solids and what are the best foods to start with, baby-proofing your home, how to keep your marriage fun and alive, choosing the perfect preschool and a myriad of other topics to help you be the best parents ever!

A perfect gift for my 20-something daughter, who is not yet a mom herself, but has just begun babysitting for a newborn,to help put herself through graduate school. Blythe’s “More Help” (and her first edition too) contain easy to find, easy to read, valuable tips and advice for those difficult moments with a new baby. Blythe…by the time my daughter has her own baby, she’ll be an expert, thanks to you!


“After reading this book, and using many of the tips myself, I have made it a tradition to give this helpful book, to every new Mom and Dad I know. It is easy to read, funny, and broken down by necessities, so you can get help quick when the baby doesn’t sleep, quit crying etc. BRAVO!! Blythe Lipman is a savior!” – Maureen Lipson

Hundreds of tips and tricks for a happier baby an easier life at your fingertips!  TO READ AN EXCERPT – CLICK HERE!

Here is what this book can do for you:

  • Help new moms and dads
  • Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award
  • Keeping you baby/toddler safe
  • How to help your baby sleep better
  • Easy to follow parenting directions
  • Have a respected source to know you are doing the right things
  • Save lots of “what do I do” calls to your family, friends and your Doctor
  • Helpful tips to manage a fussy baby and keep them happy, and you too!
  • As seen on Walt Disney and PBS Kids for products of outstanding quality that support family life.

Praise for More Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions.

What a wonderful and specific book. How nice to have suggestions and reassurances from an expert. I’d recommend this book to all new parents!  – Irma Ross MS,CPC,NCC –Irma Ross MS,CPC,NCC

As a practicing pediatrician with thirty year’s experience, Blythe Lipman’s book fills a necessary niche in parenting literature. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to all parents and child caregivers.   –   Alan B. Singer M.D.

This is a great book for new and second-time parents. Its advice is very thorough, giving multiple suggestions on a myriad of infant topics. There are many different ways to raise your child and usually, if your child is happy, you are doing it right. Craig Primack M.D. .- Craig Primack MD