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5 Things To Do While You’re Driving

Do you text or even peek at your phone while driving? Please don’t. I know you think a quick two second glance isn’t going to make you have an accident, but you’re dead wrong. Let’s face it; texting and driving can result in a fatal accident!!! The chances of a crash because of any reason is increased 23 times when you are texting. Even if the crash is another driver’s fault, you will probably have been able to avoid it if you had been looking at the road instead of the phone as referenced:

You might (or might not) be wondering where this is all coming from? And I’m not trying to sound so negative, just want us all to be safe. My son was rear-ended by an uninsured Uber driver with a passenger in the backseat! Thankfully, no one was injured, only the cars. And it could have been much worse. So now, the driver loses his job and we go through lots of red tape with the insurance companies. And believe me, I would choose red tape over anything.

Unfortunately we don’t have a texting law in Arizona where I live. And to me, this is utterly ridiculous. I think there should be a huge fine. You can always tell when someone is texting. Their car either drifts from side to side, sometimes even going into another lane, or they are driving 20 miles an hour, when the speed limit is much faster. And if you do pass them, you can see their head down or phone held up and the fingers punching away! The worst part… many times there are children in their car seats happily looking out the window or sleeping like babies.

Here are 5 things you should be doing when you’re driving with or without your most precious cargo.

1.    Put your phone away in a place your hands can’t reach. The backseat in the diaper bag is a great place.

2.     Turn off your ringer. We all got along fine for years without cell phones. Whoever wants you can wait. You and your family’s safety should always come first.

3.     Turn on some toddler tunes and sing along with your little one unless he or she is sleeping.

4.     If you have a toddler, play the number or color game. Ask him to tell you all the things he sees that are green. Or count the cars and trucks.

5.     “I Spy” is a great game to play while you’re in the car.  Check out this link when you’re not driving.

While texting may seem important, the car is the last place to text. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. It only takes seconds for accidents to happen and you never want to say, “ I wish I wasn’t looking at my phone!”