Babysitters and Guns…Scary!

A few weeks ago I read a story about an eight-year-old boy getting accidentally shot in the arm.

Why? Because his babysitter was taking his gun out of his gun clip and it accidently discharged. Thank goodness, the boy will be fine, but it really got me to thinking. Are we in such a crazy world that we have to frisk our babysitters? And is it just limited to guns? What about stun guns, knives or any other violent weapons that some feel they need to carry. Yikes…it can be a scary world!

In Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions and Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions; I devoted a few chapters to help you when hiring a babysitter, nanny and caregiver. But as I was writing these chapters, I sure didn’t think about including weapons.

However, in this day and age, I think we must broach this topic when interviewing a new person to care for our most precious possessions, our children.

Here are five questions I would add to my chapters.
1. Do you own any type firearms, stun guns or knives?
2. Do you have a license for your firearms?
3. Have you taken any safety classes?
4. Have you ever had to use them?
5. Do you plan on bringing them to your job?

I am not going to toot my personal horn about gun control.

But I do believe in this day and age, we must not be embarrassed to ask these or any other questions when hiring someone to work for us. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the answers, go with your gut and keep looking for someone that makes you feel that your child will be safe when you walk out the door.
Here are six tips from my books to help you find your Mary Poppins:

1. How long have you been a caregiver?
2. Do you smoke; have allergies or any medical conditions we should know about?
3. Do you know CPR, First Aid and the Heimlich maneuver?
4. What situation would warrant you to call us?
5. How do you handle crying and tantrums?
6. What is your favorite thing about being a caregiver?

For more tips to help keep your little one’s safe when not in your care, visit:, and to purchase my books or order from this site.