My Best Parenting Advice: 12 Things New Grandparents Need – And I Don’t Mean Donuts! by Baby Jake


It’s me, Baby Jake; from I help run the site. If we’ve never met, check out my other posts under “Parenting Experts”, yeah, I’m really a baby expert. I’m a baby aren’t I?

Last time we talked, I was getting ready to go on a plane to meet Grandma and Grandpa. They’re daddy’s parents and live far away, so I never met them. I was so excited about this big plane and let me tell you, it was a blast! The motion kind of reminded me when I was in mommy’s tummy, back and forth, up and down and very noisy. And I was a good baby and only cried when I was hungry. Can’t wait to go on an airplane trip again!

So we stayed with Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Harold for a week. Oy! I don’t think they’ve had a baby in their house for a thousand years. I know they were excited and love me because I’m the first grandchild in the family, you know. Just wasn’t expecting all this tumult. And it was pretty scary for me. Here are some of the things I wish they didn’t do:

  1. When we first got to their house, Grandma would not stop screaming and jumping up and down for joy. Not pretty and very loud. It made me nervous.
  1. Before we got in the door, Grandma took me from Mommy’s arms and started kissing my face. Oh boy, did I ever cry loud. “Who is this woman? I want my mommy?
  1. I saw mommy poke daddy in his side. I think this was some kind of signal to take care of his own mommy and daddy cause I wasn’t happy and wouldn’t stop crying.
  1. Grandma only wanted to change my diaper. (To help Mommy of course) Oh, that could have been embarrassing. Sometimes I pee on people by accident. But Daddy came to the rescue and changed me. Phew…dodged a bullet there.
  1. Once things settled down, Grandma held me again. A little too tight at first, but when I wiggled, she stopped gripping me like a vise.
  1. Then Grandma handed me to Grandpa. Well, forget it. He didn’t have a clue what to do with me even as she showed him where to put his hands. So we just stared at each other. Poor Grandpa. I think he’ll like me better when I’m older and can do something fun.

Those are just a few of the things that happened when we first arrived. We stayed for a week and after the first day it was really lots of fun. Grandma invited some of her friends over to meet me and I put on my best smile and didn’t cry. We got to go out to restaurants and since they live in Maine and it’s the summer, they took me on lots of walks because the weather was perfect. The week went by so fast that before we knew it, it was time to go home. Another plane ride coming up…Yippee!!

Here are 6 things that I think all Grandparents should know when they meet their grandchild for the first time:

  1. Please don’t scream with excitement. I know you can’t help it, but it’s scary and loud and makes us cry. Just speak normally.
  1. Wait until we get into your house and ask if you can hold me. Don’t just take me out of Mommy or Daddy’s arms. You feel different, you smell different and I don’t know you. And remember, I just got off a plane and may be a little cranky. Give us all a little time to settle down.
  1. I know you want to give Mommy and Daddy a break after our long trip, but don’t try and take over. I’m a new baby to them too and they may be a little overprotective. Try and ease into it and always ask permission.
  1. When you change my diaper, don’t talk really loud, Sing to me, talk to me quietly, and just be gentle. And remember to pull out the elastic around my legs, sometimes it pinches and really hurts. And I don’t think they had these kind of throw-away diapers when Daddy was a baby.
  1. Ask how I like to be held…over the shoulder, in the crook of your arm and if you need a spit up cloth. Sometimes I do spit up and it doesn’t smell like perfume. Sorry.
  1. Before you hand me off to Grandpa or any of your friends, make sure they want to hold me. And remember, it’s okay if they just want to stare while I’m in my bouncy seat or crib. Not everyone is comfortable with little, wobbly babies. Oh, and make sure anyone that is coming to meet me is healthy. No runny noses or coughing. Babies and colds are not a good thing.

So, all in all, it was a good visit. There were lots of teaching moments and plenty of love. Grandma and Grandpa were very sad when we left. I hope we see them again soon. Maybe they’ll come to our house next time.

So if you’re going to be going on a trip to visit your Grandma and Grandpa, make sure you email this to them before you get on the plane. It will really help. After all, who knows more about what a baby needs than me!

And one more thing, check out my Mommy’s Book, “Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions.” There’s a great chapter called; “I Promise I Won’t Meddle – How To Be The Best Grandparents In The World.” And also tips about “Long Distance Grandparents.” I know you’ll love the book. Ask your Mommy and Daddy to buy it for their parents before you visit!

Until next time….


Baby Jake (The Coolest Baby Ever!)


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My Best Parenting Advice: 12 Things New Grandparents Need – And I Don’t Mean Donuts! by Baby Jake


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