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It’s me Baby Jake, the coolest baby ever, that helps run my mom’s site,

The last time we talked, I shared some very important tips for grandparents. Hope you had a chance to read them. There are so many things new parents and grandparents need to know. And I am so happy I can help. Cause who knows better than me …a Baby!

So I wanted to tell you about something really exciting that happened at my digs. Last week when daddy came home from work, he brought this big furry thing with him and it was on a rope. I later found it was called a leash and oh, the big thing was called Plato. And it was a dog. A dog is sort of like another baby, but with fur and it doesn’t talk or cry, but makes a big sound called barking. Anyway, Plato wasn’t as big as I thought when he got closer. Mommy said he was a Yellow Lab and only looked big, cause I’m so little and he was a baby too! I only weigh 12 pounds, you know.

Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do and Mommy seemed kind of nervous every time Plato came near me. She would yell “No, away from the baby!” And I’m not sure why. I’m not always scared because sometimes Plato comes near me, sticks out his tongue and tries to kiss me right in my mouth. Eeww! But other times he makes this loud growly sound and mommy swats him with a newspaper.

So I was thinking, I might make it easier for Mommy and Daddy if I told them what I thought of this Plato. Maybe they would relax and Plato could be my new, furry friend.

  1. When you first come home from the hospital, let daddy hold me while mommy picks up Plato and gives him love. This should help prevent any jealousy. Remember, Plato is used to being “Top Dog” in the house.
  2. Buy Plato a new treat and give it to him when you bring me home from the hospital. He wants to feel special too!
  3. Put Plato on his leash and get down on the floor at his level so he can see and smell me, while I am safely in your arms.
  4. Please try and stay calm when Plato and I first meet. Nervousness signals danger to dogs.
  5. If Plato does get too close for your comfort, no loud yelling. Gently pick him up, giving some loving pats and move him away. Plato’s only doing what comes naturally…exploring something new!
  6. When I cry, try and use a reassuring tone no matter how stressed-out you might be. Pets have radar that pick up the slightest bit of discomfort.
  7. When you take me for a walk, can Plato come? He looks so sad when you leave him home and he’s part of the family too.
  8. Please don’t ever put Plato in my crib. He has his own bed. And I know it could be a cute Kodak moment, but you could be setting up a bad habit and it could be dangerous too.
  9. Even when Plato and I become the best of friends, please make sure he has his own digs. Sleeping in the nursery with me is a “no no!”
  10. I don’t want to share my toys with Plato. Please make sure he has his own. His mouth goes on icky places that shouldn’t be on my toys.
  11. One time, when you weren’t looking, Plato grabbed my dirty diaper and dragged it around the house. Boy, was he in the “dog house” when you caught him. Remember to always put my soiled diapers in the diaper pail immediately.
  12. Please make sure to always know where Plato is. One time when you went to the bathroom, he tried to jump on me in my bouncy seat. I was pretty scared and you came running when I started to cry.

So if you have a new baby and your own Plato, make sure to remember these really important tips I shared. My mommy and daddy tried all of them and now Plato and I are like two peas in a pod, but both know our places. We love each other lots and it’s really fun to watch him play fetch with daddy. Can’t wait until I’m big enough to play too. But right now, it just makes me laugh! And you know what else, I think you can have two #1’s in the house, “Top Baby and Top Dog!”

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