My Best Parenting Advice: This Nanny’s OK! by Baby Jake

Hi, it’s me Baby Jake. The baby that rules  I love to tell you what it’s like 792978e42a40690a2b7a31d6907301eato be a baby. And what could be better than me baring it all, so to speak!

Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. The last time we talked, I told you all about Nanny’s “working interview. Phew, that was really something. I sure gave her a run for the money. I peed on her, spit up on her shoulder and did all sorts of normal baby things. And it wasn’t on purpose. Hey, I’m just an innocent little baby!

Well guess what, I didn’t scare her off cause she is now officially my new nanny. Mommy told me she was going to be like another Grandma, except she would be here a lot more. And when mommy said it, there were tears in her eyes. I don’t think she wants to go back to work. But mommy is really; really smart and I know she will always do what’s best for daddy and me.

So the nanny is here with me three days a week…ALL DAY!  And sometimes it seems like mommy will never come home. But on other day’s, when nanny plays with me, reads to me and even takes me for a walk in my stroller, the days go really fast.

I want to tell you few things that I really like about Nanny so your nanny will be just like mine. 

  • When she plays with me she doesn’t talk really loud and scare me. She has a soft voice.
  • Nanny puts a soft blanket on the floor and gets down there with me for tummy time. She makes sure I can see her face when I am practicing lifting my head. Sometimes she even sings so I will look at her. Tummy time isn’t so bad after all. 
  • Nanny calls mommy every morning after my nap to tell her all about me. If mommy’s not too busy, Nanny will turn on something called Face time so we can see each other. I like that.
  • I think my nanny uses the same soap mommy uses on me when she takes a bath.  She smells really good.
  • The first time Nanny gave me a bath she forgot to bring an extra diaper in the bathroom with my jammies. As soon as she lifted me out of the water, I pooped in my clean diaper. I bet she’ll never do that again. It’s always good to have an extra because sometimes I’m unpredictable!
  • When it’s naptime, Nanny swaddles me and leaves my arms out. She knows I like it that way. But it still feels cozy to have the rest of me wrapped in my blankie. It reminds me of when I lived in the womb apartments.
  • One time when I was really cranky, Nanny put my blanket in the dryer and warmed it up nice and toasty. Then she swaddled me in it. Ahh…it felt so good that I stopped crying. She’s pretty smart, but not as smart as my mommy!
  • Nanny turns on really pretty music she called Classical except when she is feeding me my bottle. Then there is something really loud on that box called a TV and I don’t like it. Wonder if this is ok with mommy? Hmm?

Nanny is really starting to get the hang of this baby thing. She’s calm, fun and knows how to make me smile.  And even though I think mommy picked the right one, there’s still nothing better than my mommy!

Oh, before I go I have some really exciting news, but shh, it’s a secret. When mommy’s not looking, I’ve been trying really hard to roll over.  You know, a baby can get really tired of being in the same position all the time. But it’s not easy and I’m still pretty young, not to mention my head is the heaviest part of me now. But I’m going to keep practicing. I can’t wait to surprise mommy!

And by the way, if you have any questions about babies or toddlers, send them to me via mommy (I’m too little to have my own email account yet) on the Contact page right here. Mommy and I will answer them so you can have fun without worrying so much. See you next time


Baby Jake


Blythe Lipman, President and Founder of Baby Instructions based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a nationally recognized baby and toddler expert, a parenting consultant, an author of three award-winning books, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions,  More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructionsand Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions, a teacher, a caregiver, a keynote speaker, a blogger AND host of Baby and Toddler Instructions, a weekly Parenting Internet talk radio show which airs live every Wednesday at 11:00 am EST on itunes and toginet.   She is owner of the online parenting magazine My Best Parenting Advice and the site Baby Instructions.



Baby Jake

Hi, I'm Baby Jake and pretty new around here. Actually pretty new in general. I'm your baby go-to expert when you have questions about what to do with me. I will be sharing my experiences, tips and stories about being a new baby. And I know I can help make your life easier as parents starting with the first day you bring me home from the hospital or at my home birth. You know what they say; "Out of the Mouth of Babes!" [latestbyauthor author="BabyJake" show="50"]