My Best Parenting Advice: True Or False? by Blythe Lipman

Dear Blythe,

I can’t stop staring at my new baby. She is so adorable and I am very excited to be a new mommy! But everyone is throwing so much advice at me I don’t know what to do. I hope you can tell me what’s true and what isn’t. It’s all so confusing.
Thank you so much. I am so happy you’re here to help.

Best regards,



Dear Marybeth,

Motherhood can be a little confusing in the beginning. Everyone loves a baby and only wants to make your life easier by sharing their opinions. But remember, each baby is different. And what might work for one may not be the answer for another.

Here the top five things I promise aren’t true.

  1. Newborns cry hysterically if they have a wet or poopy diaper. I swear there is not a signal that tells them to cry when that happens. The only exception is if they have a diaper rash. Babies cry for lots of reasons but this isn’t one of them. If your baby is crying, check for the following:
  • She needs to burp.
  • She is still hungry.
  • She is too hot or cold.
  • If you use disposable diapers, check that the elastic isn’t pinching her legs.
  • Make sure she doesn’t have a piece of your hair wrapped around her finger, toe.

If all of these check out, she may just be having a cranky period. Try putting her in the swing and turn on some soft music. But don’t forget to buckle her in.

2. Not all newborns like to be swaddled. Not true. It is comforting and simulates that safe feeling of being in the womb. Many babies like to be swaddled with their arms out and still love that wrapped-up feeling around their tummies.

3. When baby is sleeping, you must keep the house totally quiet. No, no and no! Getting your baby used to the noise of the household from day one will ensure that she can fall asleep any time and anyplace. Remember how noisy it was in the womb. Nothing quiet in there.

4. Once the cord falls off, babies need a bath each day. The answer is no. Every other day is fine unless they have a really messy, up-the-back diaper blowout.  Let’s face it; they really aren’t going anywhere to get dirty.

5. Babies need diaper cream on their bottoms at each diaper change. While the cream can add an extra barrier on her skin it’s really not necessary.  Just make sure you thoroughly clean the diaper area with a wipe or washcloth at each change and this should keep her rash free.

Enjoy your little miracle and smile knowing you’re the best mom in the world!

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My Best Parenting Advice: True Or False? by Blythe Lipman

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