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It’s me, Baby Jake and I want to tell you about my new daily digs. I’m in preschool now. And I feel like a really big boy! When mommy or daddy drop me off in the morning, they give me millions of kisses! Sometimes mommy looks really sad and I see tears in her eyes. I always hope she doesn’t cry. So I try my best to give her a big smile. She gives me a kiss in each hand and tells me to hold them until she comes back. And if I get sad, I will know she is always thinking about me because I have her kisses.


Mrs. Saltz and Miss Jeanine are their names. They are not my mommy, but boy are they nice and Miss Jeanine is pretty too. Mrs. Saltz reminds me of my Grandma
except she has red hair. I think she is the big boss of the room.

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I love my preschool room. We have so many toys, that I don’t know what to play with first. But you know, I can’t crawl yet. Heck, sometimes I have a hard time rolling over cause my belly is getting big. So I spend my time in the swing going back and forth and watching the animals go round and round and listening to the music. When I start to get antsy and whine a little bit, Miss Jeanine will run over and put me in the bouncy seat and put my favorite blue teething toy in my hand and cover me with a blanket. I usually take a catnap in my bouncy. When I wake up I get to play on the floor with the big kids. They are five and six months old. I love watching them and talking. So we babble back and forth.

I’M HUNGRY…TIME TO EAT…aa6b5ba6c6bb8c4795ffe9b12185945e

Mrs. Saltz and Miss Jeanine take turns feeding me my bottle. I heard them say how much they love to cuddle with me. Miss Jeanine is a better burper than Mrs. Saltz. But shh, please don’t tell her. I think it’s because she stands up and walks around to burp me. But I love them both.


I like everything about my preschool room except the diaper changing area. It’s not soft and cushy like home. It’s a really hard surface, but guess I can’t have everything. But it’s okay because diaper changing time is singing and tickling time too. Both of my teachers love to sing to me and try to get me to smile or laugh while changing my diaper. It’s really fun. Sometimes we even play peekaboo. Oh, and my teachers always
remember to pull out the elastic around my legs so it doesn’t pinch, cause that hurts.

CRIB TIMEbaby-sleeping-in-crib.s600x600

After all of these activities I’m really tired. So here’s the best part. My teachers take the really soft blanket mommy brought from home and swaddle me. I don’t like my arms in, so they tuck it under my armpits. If they have time, sometimes they will warm up the blanket in the dryer first. I have an animal mobile on my crib that plays Brahms Lullaby. You must think I’m really smart to know the name of the song.  I hear the teachers say it each naptime. They lay me down on my back, the safest way to sleep, turn on the mobile and before I know it, my eyes are closed and I am snoring away. Ahh!


When I open my eyes after a good nap, guess what? Mommy is standing next to the crib and it’s time to go home. What a fun day!


Here are just a few tips I want to share if you go to preschool:

Make sure…

  • You have nice teachers that love babies and have had lots of experience taking care of us.
  • Your teachers write everything down for mommy and daddy. It’s called a Daily Report that tells mommy and daddy about your day, including feeding times, diaper changes, playtime and what you might need at school.
  • Mommy brings you enough extra clothes, diapers. wipes, pacifiers and bottles. Babies go through lots of things.
  • Your teachers let mommy and daddy stop in and visit if they miss you and need a baby fix. If that’s not allowed, you don’t want to go to that preschool.
  • Mommy and daddy can call the school anytime and the teachers will have a few minutes to chat or call them back later in the day.. Mommies and Daddies worry all the time and checking in with your teachers makes them feel much better.88c4e92584eb80973e2cbd6f266aa274

For more great tips about preschool. Check out my mommy’s books; Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions, More…Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions and Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions. (You might want to get this one ahead of time. Babies grow up really fast!)


Baby Jake

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