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Blythe Is Almost A Grandma

IMG_0087My daughter is about to give birth to her first child and my first grandchild any day, any minute, any second. I am so excited that I am just about losing it with anticipation! Yes, I know, being an Almost Grandma is NOT about ME! But I have to admit; I’m having a difficult time keeping my mouth closed. I only want what’s best for everyone. And isn’t it my job to tell them?

Looking at my daughter, I remember how I felt when I was pregnant with her.  And boy, some things have really changed, but the worry and stress hasn’t.  I think I need Almost Grandma therapy!

So I talked to lots of Now Grandmas and here is what they told me:

1.    Almost Grandma is supposed to be calm.
2.    Almost Grandma is supposed to have all the answers, but not share them.
3.    Almost Grandma is not supposed to be a noodge. (Look it up)
4.    Almost Grandma is not supposed to call her daughter four times a day and ask if the baby is moving.
5.    When Almost Grandma calls her daughter’s house and no one answers, stop calling every hour and imagining the worst. You told her to take naps and maybe that’s what she’s doing.
6.    Almost Grandma is not supposed to tell her daughter she still has her contact lenses and make-up on in case it’s time to go to the hospital.   Almost Grandma is not supposed to answer the phone with; “is it time to go to the hospital yet?”
7.    Almost Grandma is never supposed to say; “Tonight is the Night. “

Seriously, I think I’ve done at least four of these things already. Okay, maybe all seven of them. But hey, I’m Almost a Grandma.

Oy, it’s tough to be an Almost Grandma. But here is what I am learning; the more nervous I am, the more nervous my daughter becomes. And the extra stress is not good for anyone.  And if Almost Grandma asks too many questions, my daughter starts researching on to the Internet.  Read ten mommy sites; get ten answers…more nervousness, too many opinions and total confusion.

So, Almost Grandma… Calm the Heck Down!  Eat some chocolate! Go shopping, take a nap, just do something and stop driving yourself crazy.  And repeat the following four tips at least once an hour until that adorable little miracle is born.

1.    Let your daughter ask you the questions.
2.    Let your daughter talk about her labor, delivery, her worries, fears and anything else as much as she wants. (And don’t interrupt or share your own thoughts)
3.    Let your daughter be silent if she wants and don’t ask her what’s wrong.
4.    Let your daughter be grouchy and irritable and don’t ask her what’s wrong.

Let your daughter experience this wonderful miracle of life on her own terms and know your love and support are just what she needs the most!  (Lips zipped and heart bursting with pride because sometimes, Silence is Golden)