Leaving Baby For The First Time? 6 tips to make it easier


You’re a new mom and it’s time to leave the baby home with your significant other or g-d forbid, an actual babysitter that’s not a relative. Can you do it? Oy, the anxiety. A headache, a stomachache, …maybe you should stay home and rest. Really!! I don’t think so.

I know how difficult it is to leave your baby the first time and I know you’ll worry. But I also know the baby will be just fine. And getting out, even for a few hours will make you feel like a new person. You’re a great mom! And here’s the best part…once you try it and see the house didn’t burn down, there were no emergencies and your baby was just fine, it will get easier.

Here’s the honest truth…being a mom is one of the best jobs in the world, but it’s tough to be on duty 24/7. I am sure you used to go out and have fun BB (Before Baby). I am sure you had girlfriend time meeting for lunch or a shopping day, a haircut and let’s not forget about date night. Well, guess what…you NEED to do that again. BALANCE is the name of the game.

Here are six tips to make your get-away easier:

  1. Get at least three references if you will be trying a babysitter that is not a relative.
  1. Schedule a working interview with you at home but in another part of the house. A trial run can make a world of difference when the big day arrives.
  1. When it’s time to leave, and your baby is six months or older, separation anxiety may rear it’s ugly head. And it’s normal to want mommy first. But this to shall pass.
  1. Stay calm and don’t let baby know you are nervous. Babies pick up on your emotions and body language in seconds.
  1. When it’s time to leave…LEAVE! A quick kiss and hug and out the door. Even if there are a few tears, trying to calm him/her for the babysitter is confusing and you’ll never get out the door.
  1. Keep your first outing short, one-two hours. And make the rule to only call home once. The babysitter knows how to contact you if need be, so stick to the plan.

Last, but not least. Have fun. And when those “W” and “G” words start popping up, you know the ones, Worry and Guilt…STOP! Think about what a great mom you are and know it’s okay to take time just for you! A big pat on the back…you did it and you can do it again!