5 Fun Summer Ideas To Keep Your Kids Active

Mommy, Please Play With Me (Part 1)

Can you believe it’s August? Wow…the summer sure is flying by. But right about now, your toddler is cranky, bored and hanging onto your leg like a little monkey. “Mommy, Play With Me,” he or she whines. And you’ve run out of ideas. So here are a few fun activities to do together.

  • Fill an empty spray bottle with water, grab a clean sponge and some paintbrushes, put your toddler in her bathing suit and head outside. Toddlers love to play in the water, spraying, cleaning and painting the house. But don’t forget the sunscreen. If you can’t go outside, forget the bathing suit, fill the bottle with a less water, give her a clean cloth and ask her to help you make the house sparkle.
  • Most of us have smart phones that allow for making videos. Make a movie with your toddler as the star. Ask her to sing her favorite song while you’re shooting the masterpiece. Play it on the TV, tablet and send it to Grandma and Grandpa. What fun!
  • If the whining starts first thing in the morning, take your toddler to the park in her jammies and stop at the juice bar on your way home.
  • Have a movie date together at home and let your toddler make a special snack. Goldfish crackers mixed with pretzels, raisins and a few chocolate candies are a favorite. This one to one time is so important and you’ll be creating lots of memories to last a lifetime.
  • Practice learning numbers and colors with the Goldfish game. Purchase plastic cups in primary colors at the Dollar store. Depending on your toddler’s age, ask her to put two goldfish in the red cup, three in the blue cup and so on. And for some giggles, tell her you’re watching and not to eat them while you sneak a few yourself!

Your little ones grow up so fast. And the simplest things are the ones she’ll remember. Have fun!

Next week, I’ll share Part Two of “Mommy, Play With Me.” But if you can’t wait, check out “Mommy, I’m Bored” in Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions.

*My use of gender is for ease of reading, but applies to both male and female.

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