You Know You’re A New Mom When . .

I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk to so many new moms. And yes, they are sleep deprived, but oh, how their eyes light up when they talk about the baby. And there is nothing better!
So here are a few things they told me about being a new mom.

Do you have any to add? Send them to or comment on Facebook. Would love to keep adding to my list!

You Know You’re A New Mom When…

  • Your hair looks like oily strands of spaghetti.68f0b875f4a32a8899ddb32b481d6ae0
  • You have orange spit up on your shirt.
  • Your baby has two different colored socks on.
  • You get excited when your baby finally poops, even when it’s all over the both of you!
  • You answer the baby monitor when the phone rings.
  • You wake up in bed cradling your pillow like a baby.
  • You threw the pukey burp cloth in the dirty diaper pail and then emptied it.
  • You use your baby’s wipes to wash your face.
  • You wash out your baby’s bottle and fill it with water and take a drink because it’s too much trouble to get a glass and you’re thirsty!
  • Your fall asleep on the phone when your husband is talking to you.
  • And lastly…you can’t stop kissing your new little bundle, with more love than you ever thought possible!th-40


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My Best Parenting Advice: You Know You’re A New Mom If… by Blythe Lipman