Uh Oh – The Preschool is Calling!

When you have a little one in preschool and  you see they are calling, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Is he sick? Is he hurt? Is the school safe? Panic and fear, words that no parent wants in their vocabulary.

 Here are 6 tips to make you feel better when your Pre-School starts calling:

  1. Don’t assume the worst. Many preschools, especially during those first few weeks like to call and let you know what a great day your child is having.
  2. If your child wasn’t feeling well the night before and starts running a fever above 100 degrees, the school will call you. So keep this in mind during drop off. Remember, Tylenol wears off in four hours.
  3. Most preschools will not call if your little one gets a small cut or scrape. They will give you a “Boo Boo” report at pickup. However, all preschools are different. Ask the director what the policy is for minor injuries at their school.
  4. If another child bites your little one, most preschools will call with a heads up, as they should. They will share what measures were taken and how your child is doing. Do not ask for the biter’s name. I guarantee, they won’t share this information. It’s a health department rule.
  5. If the school calls and ask you to pick up your child for whatever reason, be prompt. I know it’s sometimes tough to drop everything and leave work, but do your best. Many schools bring a sick or injured child into their office until mommy or daddy arrives. And this can be so upsetting.
  6. Have Plan B in place as it’s not always possible to leave work.

Blythe Lipman is the Founder of Baby and Toddler Instructions based in Scottsdale, Arizona and a nationally recognized baby and toddler expert, a parenting consultant, and author of three award-winning parenting books, a teacher, a caregiver, a keynote speaker, a blogger and host of Baby and Toddler Instructions, a weekly Parenting Internet talk radio show which airs live each Wednesday, 11:00am EST on Toginet.  Blythe is available to speak at your events. For more information or to schedule a telephone or video consultation contact her at: or Office: 480-510-1453.