Podcasts 2012


Connie Gruning
Blogger,  PeanutButterandWhine.com
Contact Connie about reviewing your product at [email protected]
podcast 12-05-12 or Itunes

Erin Flynn Jay and to order “Mastering the Mommy Track” visit www.erinflynnjay.com (podcast upcoming)

Pediatrician and Author of  Say Aaah
podcast 11-14-12  or  iTunes

Suzanne Barston
Blogger, at fearlessformulafeeder.com and Author of  Bottled Up
podcast 11-07-12  or iTunes.

SIDS recommendations and Tummy Time contact Stephanie Pruitt, author and NIH spokesperson at: abouttummytime.com, abouttummytimeblogspot.com, Twitter @abouttummytime.
podcast 10-31-12  or iTunes.

If You Give A Mom a Martini or  to contact author Lyss Stern visit www.Divamoms.com
podcast 10-24-12 or  iTunes.

Dr. Nina Shapiro, author of “Take A Deep Breath, Clear the air for the Health of Your Child”: www.drninashapiro.com,
[email protected]
podcast 10-17-12 or iTunes

Jamila Watson from Parties on Purpose  www.partiesonpurpose.com
podcast 10-03-12 or  iTunes

Cynthia Overgard from HypnoBirthing CT – http://hypnobirthingct.com/,
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HypnoBirthingCT,
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypnobirthingct,
podcast 09-19-12 bit.ly/PB7K5F   or   bit.ly/LHrmWp

Dr. Natalie Muth,  Pediatrician and Author of “Eat Your Vegetables and Other Mistakes Parent’s Make-Redefining How To Raise Healthy Eaters” – drnataliemuth.comfacebook.com/howtoraisehealthyeaters
podcast 9-12-12 http://bit.ly/LHrmWp or http://bit.ly/QpJKlx

Jennifer Covello, The Purposful Parent: www.parentingforpurpose.com or [email protected]

http://bit.ly/TiR8Us  or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp
podcast 09-05-12

Amy Iversen’s work visit Etsy.com and shop 1500degreesArtwear. http://bit.ly/O43aeW or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp 
podcast 08-29-12

Irma M. Ross LPC,NCC –  Phone: 203-853-8002, [email protected] or www.psychologytoday.com (find a therapist and enter zip code: 06854)  http://bit.ly/NJ6sUD or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp (podcast 08-22-12)

To contact Dr. Linda Hawes Clever, author of The Fatigue Prescription: www.TheFatiguePrescription.com or www.Renew.org, www.audible.com   http://bit.ly/OiVhU3 or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp (podcast 08-15-12)

For more information about Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC and Parent Alliance : www.parentalliance.com or [email protected] http://bit.ly/O5pt4N  or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp (podcast 08-08-12)

For more information about NY Times Best Selling author Adam Mansbach:  http://akashicbooks.com/gothefucktosleep.htm or http://akashicbooks.com/seriouslyjustgotosleep.htm  And to hear http://bit.ly/PhPYC8 or http://bit.ly/PhPYC8 podcast (7-18-12)

To purchase a Hugabib or a Clippy cloth and to contact Lorri Schneider: www.hugabib.com or www.facebook.com/bestbabybibsand burps  http://bit.ly/NC6kcC or http://bit.ly/smljf4 (podcast 07-11-12)

To contact Sandy Fowler, host of Heart Filled Holidays:  www.SandyFowler.com or [email protected] http://bit.ly/LL4tk5 or http://bit.ly/LHrmWp (podcast 06-27-12)

To contact Alycia Holston, author of While The Giant Is Sleeping: www.calmcreations.com or [email protected]  http://bit.ly/MaHkZa   or  http://bit.ly/LHrmWp (podcast 06-20-12)

To contact Danielle Stammer, author of “Singing Over Me- A Joplin Tornado Survivor’s Story” – www.daniellecstammer.com http://bit.ly/MqqjZm   http://bit.ly/L5ZLgx  or http://bit.ly/KCAS9D (podcast 06-13-12)

To contact Wendy Sachs, author of “How She Really Does It…Secrets of Successful Stay-At-Home-Moms: www.wendysachs.com (http://bit.ly/MqqjZm or  http://bit.ly/LHrmWp  (podcast 06-06-12)

To learn more about Karen Le Billon, author of “French Kids Eat Everything” or to order her book visit : www.frenchkidseateverything.com ( http://bit.ly/nYX6P6 or http://bit.ly/gm2QCv  (podcast 05/30/12 )

To contact Kate Hopper, author of “Use Your Words – A Writing Guide For Mothers”- www.motherhoodandwords.com or www.katehopper.com  http://bit.ly/nYX6P6 (iTunes) or http://bit.ly/gm2QCv , http://bit.ly/KunMyd  (podcast  05/16/12)

To contact Carole Brody Fleet: www.WidowsWearStilettos.com (podcast  05/09/12 at http://bit.ly/nYX6P6 or http://bit.ly/IM3w5T)

For more information about Positive Parenting and to contact Diane Lang: www.dicounseling.com or [email protected]  http://bit.ly/nYX6P6 or  http://bit.ly/gm2QCv) (Podcast 04-25-12)

For more information about Shaken Baby Syndrome and to contact Dr. Mary Warren: www.pcaaz.org. For the crisis hotlines: 1-800-4A-CHILD or the Birth to Five Helpline at 1-877-705-KIDS. (Podcast 4/18 at http://bit.ly/gm2QCv or on iTunes: http://bit.ly/nYX6P6)

To contact Julie Melnick visit Nannyintheclouds.com, Facebook and Twitter: Nanny in the Clouds  http://bit.ly/gm2QCv or http://bit.ly/smljf4 (podcast 04-04-12)

For more information about Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s book visit: www.drdaltonsmith.com, http://www.setfreetolivefreebook.com or [email protected]  http://bit.ly/gm2QCv or http://bit.ly/smljf4  (podcast 03-28-12)

To contact Josephine or order your set of “Glovies” visit:  Josephine@mymomknowsbest or www.glovies.com, (podcast 03-21-12 http://bit.ly/zmTVSa or http://bit.ly/smljf4)

To contact Adam Brooks, Certified Financial Planner visit www.ablefinancialgroup.com, adam@ablefinancialgroup or 480-258-6108  http://bit.ly/2VxsP6 or http://bit.ly/smljf4 (podcast 3-13-12)

To contact Parenting Expert Nola Keller visit www.nolakeller.com http://bit.ly/gm2QCv or http://bit.ly/smljf4   (podcast 03-07-12)

For more information about Fund the Farm visit www.fundthefarm.com (podcast 02-22-12)

For more information about The Mom of Many Hats visit www.AZmomofmanyhats.com or [email protected]  http://bit.ly/w36bNE  (podcast 02-15-12)

For more information on the Godfrey Reading Method contact Shannah Godfrey at www.thegodfreymethod.com or www.the godfreymethod.blogspot.com/ (podcast 02-08-12 http://bit.ly/w36bNE)

For more information about being a stay-at-home, self-employed parent visit: www.OurMilkMoney.com (podcast 02-01-12  http://bit.ly/gm2QCv or http://bit.ly/skWzJJ)

For more information about Autism and available services contact: Connie Hammer at www.parentcoachingforautism.com (podcast 01-25-12 at http://bit.ly/smljf4 or http://bit.ly/gm2QCv)

For more information about Your Adoption Finance Coach visit: www.youradoptionfinancecoach.com or www.gotchagiftregistry.com  (listen to the podcast from 01-11-12 at http://bit.ly/gm2QC)