Private Consultations

Are you pulling your hair out in frustration because you can’t…

  • Get your baby to stop crying?
  • Get Your baby to go to sleep and stay asleep?
  • Get those toddler meltdowns to stop?
  • Get Your baby/toddler to eat?
  • Just can’t figure out this “parent thing?”

Blythe Lipman, a nationally recognized baby and toddler expert and parenting consultant, loves babies and toddlers, and is passionate about her work. She works extensively with new parents and parents of toddlers on an individual basis, because she understands that neither babies nor toddlers come with an instruction manuals on how to parent. Sharing her expertise, Blythe provides the necessary guidance and tools that builds the confidence parents need to become great parents.

Blythe makes local in-house visits, and offers consultations by phone and Skype nationwide.Sessions are fifty minutes long.

Call: (480) 510-1453

For more information about setting up a private consultation with Blythe please call
or send an e-mail inquiry through my SSL Secured Contact Form.

 For fast, reliable tips and answers that really work…Blythe is just a phone call away.

During consultations, Blythe is ready to help parents from birth through those toddlers years with the following issues:

  • Create a friendly sleeping environment for your baby and toddler
  • Help baby/toddler go to sleep and stay asleep
  • Taming toddler temper tantrums
  • Help with potty training
  • Learn the discipline do’s and don’t’s
  • Keeping your baby/toddler happy and content
  • Keeping your baby/toddler safe and how to childproof your home
  • Get the sleep you need
  • Keep your marriage fun and alive
  • Enjoy parenting without so many worries
  • Save “unnecessary” calls to the pediatrician

……and  so much more

With Blythe Lipman on your speed dial you will gain the confidence and skills you need to be the Best Parent Ever!!   Office: 480-510-1453