6 Ways To Keep Your Toddler Safe During Holiday Outings


Independence – the perfect word to describe toddlerhood.

A time when your toddler discovers that he can and wants to do many things by himself, knowing no boundaries. And for a parent, this can be a little frightening! Once those two feet hit the floor, usually between a year and eighteen months, toddlers are off and running, literally.

With the July Fourth holiday upon us, I got to thinking about all the celebrations, car trips, plane trips, family reunions, barbecues, and fireworks that are so much fun. And with a toddler in tow, there are a few things you need to remember to keep that little independent being safe.

Here are six of my favorites:

1. If you will be traveling by car, train, bus or plane, visit the dollar store before the trip. Purchase a few age appropriate toys, wrap them in tissue and when your toddler gets antsy, dole them out, one at a time. Surprises are so much fun!

2. Always bring lots of snacks on your trip. A hungry toddler can be a grumpy toddler. And that’s just not fun. (Don’t forget snacks for you too!)

3. If you will be going to a celebration that includes fireworks, try and get your toddler to nap that day. If he’s not a napper, a quiet time in his crib or bed will help as those fireworks usually start way after your toddler’s bedtime.

4. If you will be watching the fireworks in a public place, keep your toddler close, either on a blanket next to you or in his own chair. It’s dark, there’s fire and accidents can happen in seconds.

5. If you will be celebrating away from home, always know who is watching your toddler. Never assume. And if it’s an older cousin or family member, toddler duty should only last an hour at a time.

6. If you will be attending a family reunion and your toddler only wants to hang on your leg. It’s okay. Seeing excited relatives once a year can be pretty overwhelming. Taking shifts with your partner is a great way for each of you to have time to visit with your relatives.

Have a safe and fun holiday. And enjoy creating some wonderful memories! Happy July 4th!

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